Case Study: Mr C. of Leicestershire

Job Description:

Mr C came to us from a referal. He was looking to acheive as much Solar PV onto his roof as possible and also a battery storage system to capture any excess. After meeting with Mr C. and gaining an understanding of what he was looking for we designed a system for him that fully utilises his roof space. The 25 x Sunpower Hybrid SPR-X21-345w coupled with 2 x Solis 4600 Inverters will generate an output of 8,945kWh/year and give him a CO2 saving of 5,367kg/year. As a back up and storage a Tesla Powerwall 2 was installed. With a capacity of 13.5kW this will give the client the ability to store any excess that the Solar PV system generates.


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Commisioning Date:
23rd March 2018

Sunpower Hybrid SPR-X21-345w x 25

Inverter Model:
Solis 4600 x 2

System Size:
8.6 kWp

Annual Output:
8,945 kWh

Annual CO2 Savings:
5,367 kg