Trade Accounts

Sign up for a Trade Account with EVPac and receive upto 20% off all our Charging Leads, Parts and Accessories!

It is simple and free

Just fill in the contact form on out Contact page.

In the enquiry box please state;

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Company VAT No.
  • Company Registration No.
  • Company Website (If applicable.)
  • Nature of Business

Or, email your details, including your name and telephone number to

Once we have received your details, we will contact you by email enclosing our Trade Account Terms and Conditions and your unique discount code. Please read the terms and conditions as use of the discount is acceptance of those terms and conditions.

Our Terms and Conditions, that include a section on Trade accounts (Section 22), can be read HERE.


We are able to offer;

Initial 5% discount on all Trade Account orders.

If, after 30 days, the account order level is above £500, this will be increased to 10% and will continue to rise, as long as ordering level is maintained, to a maximum of 20%