Case Study: Walton on the Wolds, Loughborough

Job Description:

The customer contacted us wanting a large solar PV system with battery back-up and electrical vehicle charge points. Shirley designed a 9.43kW solar system connected to two Solaredge inverters. Two Tesla Powerwall 2 Rechargable Solar Batteries were added to the system to enable the customer to keep making savings once the Solar PV system stops generating during the night. Two Project EV (Growatt) Electric Vehicle Charge Points were installed. These will make use of the power generated from the solar system, or stored on the batteries, for powering their plug-in vehicles.

We estimated that the system would produce 8,045kWh per year, giving the customer significant savings in electricity costs.

Customer Review:

Great work by Shirley, Gareth, Jake and Billy to install a large solar system along with a Tesla Powerwall and two charging points which is working better expected. Thank you team.


Sunpower 325w All Black Solar Panel x 29

Inverter Models:
Solar Edge 5000H
Solar Edge 3500H

System Size:
9.43 kWp

Annual Output:
8,045 kWh

Annual CO2 Savings:
3,609 kg

SBattery Back-Up System:
Tesla Powerwall 2 Rechargable Solar battery x 2

AElectric Vehicle Charging Points:
Growatt EVA 07S Charge Points x 2