EV Reel

EV Reel


Most EV drivers frequently charge their vehicle, not only using their charger at home, but also at public charging points. This is where they need the portable charging cable, which comes with the car. Charging often happens outside or in a parking place, where the cable can get wet or dirty from lying on the ground. As a result, your hands and clothes get dirty when handling the cable after charging. Once charging is complete, the cable needs to be stored in the trunk, where it takes up unnecessary space and slides around while driving. As a result of such handling the cable often gets twisted and tangled and the trunk of the vehicle gets dirty.


  • Cable Gets Wet and Dirty Which Results in Dirty Hands and Clothes.
  • Cable Gets Tangled and Takes Too Much Space In The Trunk.
  • Cable Is Difficult To Handle.
  • Always Messy Business Wrestling The Cable.
  • No Real Good Cable management System.
  • Cable Can Break Or Tear Inside Due To Unwanted Twisting.


Solutions currently available are limited to cable bags or boxes, which do not offer a lot of benefits and do not solve any of the issues besides providing a way to store the cable in the trunk. A downside is that it takes some effort to put the cable in the bag, and this is probably the reason why they are not used a lot and the cable ends up being thrown in the trunk.


The EV Reel is designed to handle the cable only by the plugs during the process of connecting and disconnecting the vehicle to and from the charging station. So, dirty hands and clothes are no longer an issue. Using the EV Reel prevents the cable from getting twisted and tangled, and using the docking station the cable can be conveniently stored, preventing it from sliding around in the trunk and leaving dirt behind.

Will it fit your lead?

The EV Reel is capable of taking the following leads;

  • 16Amp Single Phase - Upto 10 metres
  • 32Amp Single Phase - Upto 7 metres
  • 16Amp Three Phase - Upto 7 metres
  • 32Amp Three Phase - Upto 6 metres

You can purchase our EV Reel HERE.