Solar Monitoring Systems

Solar Monitoring

The Benefits of Solar PV Monitoring

To get the best from your Solar PV system to enable you to take advantage of the energy that you are generating, it is recommended that you use an energy monitoring device. Depending on the device that you choose, you will be able to see how much your Solar PV system is generating at any time and see the historic data collected by the device. You can see how much energy your property is consuming and, again, able to check on historic data. With this data you can begin to adjust your energy usage to suit when you are generating the most. This will save you money on your electricity bill and make your system pay for itself earlier.

Monitoring of your PV system also gives you the ability to detect problems before they become bigger issues and reduce your generated energy.

Let’s say your panels become dirty for whatever reason, then a monitoring system will show the reduction in performance that may be difficult to detect otherwise.

  • A good monitoring system will enable you to notice issues within a day allowing you to react to the drastic decrease in performance and get the issue dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Without monitoring, it could be weeks until you realise there is a problem. It could even be when you get your next electricity bill and find it is higher than you expected.

In this instance a monitoring system provides an economic benefit. If PV module strings are monitored separately, it becomes much simpler to pinpoint the location of performance issues.

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