Car Boot Organizer for EV Charge Leads (Tall)

Product Code: EV00XXBTT

Price:£14.99 incl. VAT


This Car Boot Organizer offers a handy and effective storage solution for your EV Charging Lead that might otherwise roll around in your vehicle’s boot.

Made from durable carpet material in grey with a lighter-coloured edging, it features a hook and loop strip on its rear surface to adhere to your boot lining and a flip-top for easy access to its contents.

The fastening is secure enough to prevent the organiser and its contents from moving when the car is in motion.


Perfect for storing your EV charging lead in your vehicle's boot
W29cm x H30cm x D15cm
Adheres to boot lining with hook and eye fastenings
Keeps your EV lead tidy while in your vehicle.
Ideal for straight charging leads