New Zappi 32Amp 7kW Type 2 (62196-2) 6.5 Metre Tethered Cable Black

Product Code: ZAPPI-207TBT2

Price: £710.93 excl. VAT
£853.11 incl. VAT


The new Zappi has special eco charging modes which will benefit homeowners with grid-tied microgeneration systems, like wind or solar generation.

Charging current is automatically and continually adjusted in response to on-site generation and household power consumption.

In FAST charge mode, zappi operates like an ordinary EV charging station.

Approved by OLEV for installation under the Electric Vehicle HomeCharge Scheme.

Download the Datasheet HERE.


3 Charging Modes (Fast, Eco and Eco+)
Optimises Microgeneration Self-consumption
Works with Solar PV or Wind Turbine Systems
Economy Tariff Sense Input
Programmable Timer Function
Charge and Event Logging
Pin-Code Lock Function
Tap Operated Display Backlight
Built-In RCD Protection