Charging Shop

Charging Shop

Welcome to our Domestic EV Charging Station online shop. Powerpac is pleased to offer an exciting range of ecological and expertly designed charging stations for the more environmentally conscious customer.

Our carefully selected partners provide you with a wide choice, from basic plug and charge through to charge points that can connect to your renewable energy system giving you free motoring.

If you are not sure what charging station would best suit you, call on of our trained advisors on 0800 0699 607 and they will guide you through.



MyEnergi are a British designer and manufacturer of renewable products that increase the self-consumption of green anergy.

Specialising in an integrated system that combines your present or future Solar PV/Wind turbine with your Electrical Vehicle Charge Point and/or Immersion Heater.

For more information on MyEnergi click HERE.

To see our range of MyEnergi products HERE.


eo charger

EO charging is a British company that has taken the concept of EV charging to new levels.

They have a commitment to creating a safer, healthier, friendly planet for everyone.

Designing smart energy technologies that help their customers remove their dependency on dirty fossil fuels.

For more information on EO Charging click HERE.

To see our range of Domestic EO Charging charging stations click HERE.


rolec charger

Established in 1990 Rolec has gone on to become a leader in outside electrical equipment. They design and manufacture an extensive range of EV charge points, electrical hook-ups and connections, and distribution equipment.

A British company that has continued to grow and now extends into 40 countries across the globe.

For more information on Rolec click HERE.

To see our range of Domestic Rolec charging stations click HERE.


viridian charger

Based in the heart of the Cotswolds, Viridian are a specialist UK manufacturer of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, including charge points and EVSE Protocol Controllers.

We’re proud of being a little bit different. We like to practice what we preach and are proud owners of a fully electric car which gets us to work and back every day.

For more information on Viridian click HERE.

To see our range of Viridian charging stations click HERE.